Geistic Musings are my reflections on the intersection of consciousness and culture.

“Geistic” is a German word that means something like ‘spirit/mind’, or the integration of spirit and intellect. I offer perspectives on current events informed by depth psychology, archetypal astrology, integral theory, and other consciousness-based frameworks, as well as my own original insights.

I started writing this blog because I felt I could no longer in good conscience remain quiet about the dangers of our current state of extreme polarization, including the slide toward authoritarianism on both left and right in recent years. I aim to provide a deeper level understanding of the dynamics playing out through the surface conflicts, as well as guidance for how best to navigate what I regard as an initiatory crisis for humanity.

I’m an Australian native now living in North California, blessed to be in partnership with my wife Kate. My work has centered on the concept of ‘subtle activism’, which argues for the potentially crucial role of consciousness-based practices like meditation, prayer, and ritual to support social and planetary transformation.

My book, Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation (SUNY Press) was the first comprehensive study of the idea that focused collective intention can powerfully and measurably contribute to social change.

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I don’t write according to a set schedule. Central to my work is the belief that we need to learn how to follow the organic rhythms of life, rather than the unnatural speed of the machine. I am doing my best to honor this principle in how I approach my writing. I hope that part of the value of my writing lies in the transmission of this wisdom.

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Essays at the intersection of consciousness and culture


David writes essays at the intersection of consciousness and culture.