Sep 24, 2022Liked by David Nicol

Thank you so much, David. exactly what we all needed to muse upon.

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Sep 23, 2022Liked by David Nicol

Thanks again for your musings and what is probably the best way for us to perceive ourselves as influenced and infused by both sides of the polarities you draw.

I'm feeling that our collective futre depends a lot on how we deal with our own thoughts about the inconsistencies of 'the other side'.

When something touches and irritates or simply doesn't feel comfortable to us, we can start to polarize and deny that it is we who are in some way being reactive. Difficult to catch ourselves,, but that which catches us out, is exactly asking us to look at where 'it' resides within us too.

Maybe it is a germinal seed from past generations or more strongly a past, unrecognised bad experience related to authority (in my own case) or to narcissistic or even unconscious treatment by others.

When we polarise we distance ourselves from a way of becoming one within ourselves. In itself quite a paradox, which only seems to relax when we can embrace the other as ourself. Now that's difficult, but worth meditating on. Regards Pete

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