David, hope you receive this.Would appreciate your feedback if you do.

Quick 1st impression: In the first paragraphs you point out the importance of balancing left and right while implicitly imposing the "hierarchy of individualism" -- placing the individual and individualism (aligned with freedom, liberty, liberalism, libertarianism, capitalism, scientism, technologism, and techno-utopianism among others) over any and all forms of communal, social, and collective wellbeing. You seem to be oversimplifying the problem of the (USean/NorthAmerican) culture wars as a problem between two different conceptions of the collective: established and emergent.

I agree that is a reality and a real challenge. But it is only one of many, and this framing simply keeps us stuck in the old enlightenment, industrial,materialist paradigm of capitalism vs socialism, conservatives vs progressives, established elites vs new elites.

Part of the deeper pushback coming out of MAGA-USA, Iran, Russia, Serbia, Hungary, and other societies is not only at that level -- it is also at the level of tradition vs innovation, the desire for radical conservation vs radical innovation, and the push for what many deem an excess of individualism and liberalism and others an excess thereof. And, again, this is only one of many, many other polarities in tension -- others being that of humanity vs nature, reason vs emotion/intuition, science & technology vs religion & spirituality, and so on.

It is complex, messy, and for vast and increasing swathes of humanity, frightening and downright dangerous, even lethal.

Exploring, understanding, expressing, and exchanging ideas is vital to finding a way forward. Appreciate your thoughts, am working along similar lines. Hope we can connect and exchange & enrichen this broader unfolding narrative, telos, and impulse of humanity and life seeking for clarity, safety, life, and transcendence.

Best regards from Bolivia.

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